A connected community of people who are invested in each other’s success.


Create inspired living by connecting the right people and right places.

Founders’ story

In 2014, co-founders Zilong Zhao (aka Z) and Roman Khattak befriended one another at Pocono Mountains, during a LeaderShape Institute summer camp.  It aimed to help young professionals to “lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.” Over the course of six days, they participated in various workshops and team-building activities, which culminated in the creation of a “Breakthrough Blueprint.” This final activity allowed participants to reflect and articulate their long-term visions.  

Z and Roman learned that their visions were similar: to create an enterprise network that educates, trains, and financially invests in people who are interested in making a difference in the business and philanthropic world.  

Through university and working in Corporate America as an actuary and Merger & Acquisition analyst, Z and Roman realized that in this 21st century, people have never been so connected and yet so alone (40% of American adults experience chronic loneliness).

Inspired by their Breakthrough Blueprint visions, they created Y Space to connect & empower the right people to live inspired. 

Team Y’ers

Interested in joining our mission to create inspired living?
(Actively looking for programming rock stars, sales/marketing gurus, campus ambassadors, etc.)

Z at 2018 byobb_square

Chief Catalyst
Zilong (Z) Zhao, ASA

Actuary, community leader, and personal development enthusiast, Z is dedicated to empowering people to become the best versions of themselves.

Roman Khattak_square

Chief Operations Officers
Roman Khattak

Former private equity analyst with a biology and finance background, Roman is creative deal maker who makes things happen.

Brenda Nguyen_square

Head of Community
Brenda Nguyen

UPenn graduate serving on the board of multiple non-profits, Brenda is passionate about urban development and community spaces.

Jesse Lishchuk_square

Head of Media
Jesse Lishchuk

Professional videographer and athlete, Jesse is a Team U.S.A. kayak paddler who is training to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Y Space Values Courage, Discipline, Compassion, Health

Courage to Act
Discipline to execute
Compassion to love
Health to thrive